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Peru Project – Day 13

Young Explorers Blog – Day 13

Another day of travel was awaiting us! As we were about to leave, our attention was caught by a 97 year old local couple, who told us about the traditional lifestyle of Cocachimba. We then managed to leave relatively early for our 8 hours’ drive to our next destination, Corosha. We made a quick stop at the Huembo Biological Interpretation Centre to admire two stunning different kinds of hummingbirds, including the marvelous and unique “Colibrí cola de espátula”. In the afternoon we finally arrived to our destination and set up our tents in the town square.

As we started setting up our camping, the local children immediately showed interest and came out to help us. It turned into a big game and we spent the whole evening playing volleyball and football with them, as well as sharing a kind environmental education conversation. To our big surprise as we questioned them about how they manage to separate their garbage, we received admirable, knowledgeable answers. That’s because a group of volunteers from Yunkawasi organization came some time ago with the idea of teaching the Corosha slight population how to adopt eco-friendly, sustainable behaviors and take care of their natural resources.

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