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Pentakatha ACT Project – Day 11&12

The work is nearly done, we are finishing up the last touches of the school. Couple of windows, doors and a few remaining walls. We worked till 2pm in the school, afterwards we had to go back to our apartments have a quick bath and take Christoph the Geberit member to the airport. It was a long drive to the capital city of Orissa, it nearly took us around 3hours to get there, but the ride was really nice. So many traffic, lots of people everywhere we looked and insane driving. An experience that one should have when they come to India. After we dropped Chris at the airport, we went looking for Pizza Hut in Bhubaneshwar, it took us a while to find it. Everyone of us had their eyes wide open looking left and right searching for the restaurant, we were very hungry and hallucinating of pizzas!!!

Once we found Pizza Hut, we quickly stormed in and had the menu in our hands ready to order. The table was full of starters, pizzas, and desserts. We had a big dinner which will make our stomachs full for at least a day. The girls brought back with them some pizza for the next day. After dinner we went and bought a couple of books for us to read and headed back to Puri. The drive back didn’t take that long, there wasn’t any traffic. Everyone slept in the car after that big dinner we had.

Today morning we went to the school to finish up the work and started preparing the workshops we need to do with kids and teachers starting next week. Early tomorrow morning we will head to Bhubaneshwar to buy some stationery for the school and spend the day touring around the capital city.


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