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Patagania Expedition Starts


Blog written by Lauren Morrel

Today nine Young Explorers from four different continents around the world met up with Mike Horn in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the beginning of a project to explore the magnificent glaciers of the Patagonia Ice Field. We have all partaken in different  Pangaea Expeditions before but for many of us, we were meeting each other in person for the first time. It was great to spend time together and learn about each others personal experiences. We spent a good part of the day checking gear and making plans for the next few weeks; discussing what we want to accomplish in Patagonia for the Pangaea Project.

In the afternoon we took a walk around Recoleta (suburb of Buenos Aires) and explored this worldly city. One of the favorite things that I have noticed about Buenos Aires is the full-height trees that border the streets even between buildings. This beautiful aspect gives the city a more natural feel so that people don't forget entirely about the environment and its importance to us as humans.

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