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Pangaea leaves Singapore

Singapore was the perfect place for Pangaea to stop for some relief while Mike joined the Young Explorers in Pakistan for the Himalaya Expedition before continuing to Broad Peak where he and Swiss Alpinist Kobi Reichen successfully ascended the summit at 8'047m altitude without the use of aditional oxygen.

Mike rejoined Pangaea at her mooring at the One 15 Marina in Sentosa, Singapore just one week ago and has now set sail again. Pangaea is currently moving north towards her next destination, Shanghai where she is expected to attend the Shanghai Expo in September.

Before his appearance in Shanghai however, Mike will be joining the next group of Young Explorers in Mongolia, an expedition that is set to take off in just 10  days time.

Things are once again moving in the Pangaea Expedition and in just over a week our young Pangaea Ambassadors will be sharing with you the beauties of Mongolia. Not only will they be discovering the traditions, culture, flora and fauna of this amazing region but they wil be looking into problems that face the people in the Gobi desert today as well as the threats to the surrounding environment.

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