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Pangaea in Brazil

Ever since his return from Antarctica, Mike has prioritised his time with the boat, ensuring that she is ready for the next leg of the expedition.

Now in Brasil, the boat has been undergoing important changes to the running, the safey and to her comfort. New kitchen appliances have ben intalled by Electrolux. Their 'eco-friendly line' suit perfectly the philosophy to that of Pangaea and the team are thrilled to be using such high quality products.

Up on dry land, the team have profited to remove Pangaea's massive keel and to see to it's reinforcement. As well as this, the team have given the boat a new antifouling, an important step prior to sailing in the fiords of New Zealand.

In a few days Pangaea will once again return to the sea and sail towards her onwards direction, New Zealand. A trip of such distance requires a stop-over, and what better stop-over can she make, that of Mike's homeland, South Africa.

A New Year with new adventures in store! Everybody, Mike included, is looking forward to the next exciting phase of the expedition and to the discovery of new territories.

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