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Pangaea EcoCamp – June 11, 2012

The kids are here the eco-camp started and we’re all enjoying it, making the most of our time here. We handed out some diaries yesterday and these are some extracts:

Before we came, they told us it’s going to be many surprises. But I never thought it can be like this. Branislava Lesevic

The trip was bad and everybody was sick but when we arrived everything was perfect. Dorde Peric

When we arrived to Tara National Park we met the team and got T-Shirts and hats with the Pangaea logo. Katarina Pesovic

We were introduced to all rules of the camp that we have to respect. Then we went on a hike. During the hike we played a lot of interesting games. The point was to introduce ourselves and, above all, to learn how to work as a team and to trust each other. When we reached the peak we did a treasure hunt and got some “Wenger” bottles. The view from the peak was wonderful. Danica Babic

After dinner a professional photographer told us some rules for making great photos. Isidora Radovanovic

The most exciting activity was definitely the night hike. We were walking through the forest and it was so dark that we couldn’t see anything before we got the “Petzl” headlamps. ‘We had to pass through a part of the forest by following papers on the ground. It was great and a little scary, some Young Explorers were trying to imitate the bears. The most exciting thing I’ve ever done in my life. I’ll never forget this night. Danica Babic

Because of this hike I’ll live 10 years less. This was great experience and I can’t wait to the other activities. Nevena Milenkovic

It was sooo scary but in the end we all went home with a smile on the face! I feel like we’ve been here for 2 weeks. Jelena Milivojevic

All in all, we had a great day today. Milica Dimitrijevic

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