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This morning when we set our feet outside the door, the cold hit us in the face like a wall ! We had a short run through the beautiful snow-clad streets of Château-d’Oex to an open field of snow. There we divided inti three teams, each person getting a harness. We did relay runs while dragging tyres behind us ! This was surprisingly challenging, seeing that most of us have never done this before ! We saw some good team spirit when some of the last runners pushed hard all the way to the end !

After (yet again) a good breakfast, one group started with the last of the Mayo Clinic tests, including stretching-, pulmonary-, balance- and Cooper tests. This was great to see how hard we can push ourselves mentally and physically ! The other group had a video course with Moose. We learnt so much about angles, voice work and cool things like exposure ! Each team got an assignment to make a video to promote PANGAEA on social networks etc. Each group’s video has to be creative and original, seeing that the staff will be voting for the best one !

While washing the dishes, we had the chance to listen to some of Mike’s stories on climbing mountains, how to survive the Amazon (mostly on crocodile that tastes like bad chicken) and how he met his entertaining Swiss friend ! We then headed off to learn more about the sustainability, systems and projects related to Geberit. We tried to find out as much as possible about the upcoming project in South Africa, but our attempts to get a sneak preview was fruitless ! Instead we learnt more about the projects in Kraljevo and India.

We started to prepare for our glacier trek tomorrow ! We checked to see whether our clothes is warm enough to withstand the predicted -35 degree temperatures ! Luckily we’ll have experts guiding us on our mission ! We received snow boots and backpacks and started to dance in celebratory fashion ! Being goos young adults, we decided to slow down and take part in an intense group stretching session ! It felt so good to relieve our painful muscles !

We are looking forward to tomorrow’s exploration ! Every day just keeps getting better ! We are off to bed now to get a good night’s rest before the big trek ! Boa noite !



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