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After seeing the fresh coat of snow that blanketed Château-d’Oex overnight, we all hurried to put on our still-fresh running shoes to prepare for morning exercises. Together, we briskly walked through the village to a nearby gym, where our physical training began. This morning proved to be surprisingly exhausting! For about an hour, we did a series of sprints and exercise routines that ended with some difficult rope climbs.  The combination of mountain air and early morning challenges left us very motivated for a large breakfast and the exciting day to come!

Next, we were introduced to the Mercedes-Benz team who informed us of the exciting ecological and technological advancements that they are making in the automobile industry. After receiving a brief presentation about some awesome alternative-fuel technology, we headed out into the winter wonderland to test the gear for ourselves! Although it takes most parents years before they trust their children with the family car, the four licensed YEPs were quickly entrusted with prototype technology that is insured for over half a million Euros! It took the drivers a couple of minutes to acclimate to this responsibility, but then we were able to enjoy a beautful, environmentally-friendly drive through the snowy mountainside. Some of the technology was so surprisingly silent that the drivers weren`t even sure that the vehicles were on!

Later on, we were given more thorough advice on how to reduce fuel consumption while driving all automobiles that we will surely use once we return from Selection Camp. By utilizing these tips during a second test-drive and comparing our fuel efficiency with the results of the original test-drive,  we saw how effective these tips truly are! Rolling downhill, avoiding excessive braking, and maintainence of a constant speed allowed out drivers to increase average speed, decrease fuel comsumption, and decrease travel time.

In the afternoon, we learned about how to successfully use photography to spread ecological messages.  Since pictures really can be worth a thousand words, they can be much more powerful when trying to recruit the public to join a worthy cause.  Finally, representatives from the Mayo Clinic informed us of the comprehensive physical tests that they will be performing on us in the coming days, which left everybody eager to get some sleep!

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