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Nunavut Canada Exped – Day 8

We could see the splendid fiord, all the glaciers ending their lives in the ocean, steep cliffs reaching the sky. The sun was reflecting in our sunglasses, heating up the warm, warm rock. It was the best rest in our lives. This magic view is reserved for those, who climbed one of the untouched Big Walls of Baffin Island.
Adventure started in the morning, about 200 metres below where we were sitting. Quartz rocks at this point are slightly red, some covered with a thin layer of seaweed. The path is quite simple, full of little rocks, which you should never throw down. Even a tiny little stone can badly injure the person below you. We took our time to make sure, that the gear and ourselves are well secured. Even our spoons and covers of camera lenses are attached to the harness. All of us are wearing only a soft-shell jacket, but we are all hot because of the effort that it takes to go up.

There are 8 belay points on the way and a qualified climber on each to help us reattach to the next rope. Our group is really big and we have to wait for each other so climbing isn’t that exhausting. Breaks are great opportunities to chat, share famous daypacks (dried fruits, chocolate, muesli etc.), laugh. If someone told me I would have so much fun yesterday that time, I would never believe him! I’m here because someone had a dream to show me this place. We all feel privileged.

The amazing view changes, as we are getting higher. Some parts of the track are exactly vertical, some demand jumps, scrambling on ropes. You need to look carefully at your steps and keep in mind that stones can move all the time. The group is attached to one rope and we secure each other – all for one and one for all.

Even instant noodles got a new taste with changing altitude. We were welcomed on the top by our friends and an amazing view. When the sun disappeared behind the rock cliff, nothing could stop the fog to reach us, but we didn’t notice that as we were served delicious hot dogs.  Thanks to the food we got enough energy to climb safely into our portaledges, better than 10000000000 star hotel.

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