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Nunavut Canada Exped – Day 7

Today was our third day on the glacier, hiking on this amazing glacier was just surreal! We had some tough times pulling our sleds over 40km of ice, crevasses, and rocky moon landscapes.

Sometimes it was so steep that the sleds were pulling us down these massive white ice cream shape of hills flowing down to the oceans ending in impressive waterfalls into the ocean.

We had a nice long sleep because we finished hiking early the previous day, after setting up tent and having super, we hiked up to the peak close by to admire the view in this remote, unique, beautiful area! The usual routine of waking up, packing and then some oats for breakfast awaited us but we had the most amazing view as we climb out of our tents early morning.

After eating and packing sleds we took a few pictures for the sponsor quechua, and then our decent to the fjord started to meet up with the boat. We had to cross some really deep crevasses icy rivers and really steep slippery slopes, some places were really technical causing some falls but nothing serious.

Unfortunately I lost my sunglasses jumping over one of the many crevasses! Just when we thought it was all over we had to navigate down a very steep, never ending moraine carrying all our equipment including the sleds to reach the fjord after 3km!

We are all looking forward to a nice meal on the boat this evening and then a good night sleep before we start with the amazing big wall climbing.

There are mixed emotions about the climbing but personally I'm looking forward to the challenge!

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