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Nunavut Canada Exped – Day 3

Today we had the opportunity to sleep late before we had breakfast at the hotel we are staying (The Navigator in Iqaluit) , then we met up with the team to discuss the days activities, first on our list was to start with the documentary we want to fill while we are on the expedition in Nunavut.

We had the opportunity to talk to a local lady that has been living in Iqaluit her whole life and she told us about her home town and her experiences about how climate change has affected her life also how the influence from "western people" changed their day to day living.

I was amazed at the cars everyone drives… 99 percent are huge pick up trucks! and they can only use the cars to drive in the town, since there are no roads connecting Iqaluit to other towns. There are 26 communities in Nunavut and the only way to travel between them are by air or in summer by sea if possible.

It was really interesting observing the Inuit culture. After the interview we found a wall of beautiful graffiti. It was more art than graffiti, nothing like I have ever seen before!

Then we got the great news that we are finally flying to Clyde River! There was a chance that we could not land but luckily luck was on our side and the weather cleared just enough so we could land! It was truly an amazing flight seeing all the sea ice and icebergs drifting in the crystal clear blue Arctic Ocean! We even saw a walrus from the plane when we had to land in Hall Beach to fill up the fuel tanks of the plane.

So this afternoon at approximately 5pm we landed in Clyde river, finally! We were greeted with the view of the sailing vessel, Pangaea laying at anchor in the bay and the other YEP's came to fetch us at the airport, since they arrived late yesterday afternoon.It was such a wonderful experience to finally be able to be standing on this great Pangaea!! Looking forward for tomorrow, another day, another new experience awaits!!!

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