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Nunavut Canada Exped – Day 21

Emotions run high today as the Young explorers and the Mike Horn team pack their bags and say their goodbyes. For the last three weeks the team have experienced an incredible adventure with Mike Horn on his sailboat 'Pangaea' in the remote region of Nunavut in Bafin Island, Canada.

Together they have sailed the Davis Strait, trekked on retreating glaciers, summited mountains, climbed and slept overnight in the vertical world, learnt about the flora and fauna of the Arctic, integrated with the local Inuit populations and carried our beach clean-ups.

It's a journey that will without a doubt stay in the minds of all the participants for years and years to come and will pave the way for new annd bigger adventures.

Returning home with minds full of new images, memories and emotions the Young Explorers will continue to strive for a better future for the planet by spreading the Pangaea message of protection to their peers and families around them.


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