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Nunavut Canada Exped – Day 15

It is only a week left for the expedition. That means we are going to be near our home but will be far away from the big family here. Pangaea will carry more new people and continue its journey. You know the boat belongs to sea and you belong somewhere else. You know the expedition never ends as long as there are still problems left to solve and your projects to carry on. You know people are united here for this short period of time which will never be forgotten but you still worry about some moments you don’t memorize that clearly so you write them down. You know there are still days left but you don’t want that final day come. I become connected to it even if I feel sea sick and have to get up in the middle of the night to do a watch. You enjoy every second of it.

Today we left the second small village along our trip after an icy swim in the Arctic Ocean. We all felt refreshed and filled with new strength for another adventure filled week of exploring the fjords, icecaps, rivers and endless tundra along Cape Dyer.

It is a lot cleaner than Clyde River. That proves that the environment can be improved by better policy and being well organized no matter what kind of people live in it and how remote an area is.


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