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Nunavut Canada Exped – Day 13

The plan for the day was to do some interviews and to check our emails for once in a while, unfortunately most people were still sleeping even though it was already late morning, even the library was closed so we could not check our emails. But as these expeditions with Mike go, anything can change in a blink of an eye, and the next moment there was news that we where going to be leaving Clyde River with our voyage down south to Iqaluit.

Later, after washing and cleaning the garage and making our living space tidy, we saw the rubber duck full of local children and mike coming towards the Pangaea. The children were so excited to come on board, they were all just taking photos with their mobile cell phones. I’m sure it made their day the smiles on their faces were priceless! We showed them all the movies of all the activities that we have done lately, they certainly enjoyed the movie about the big wall climbing! Then the big surprise came when we heard a local Inuit girl is going to join us for the last part of our expedition! Which gives us all the opportunity to learn more about each other’s cultures!

The Pangaea is currently sailing south, we are going to try and climb some more magnificent mountains and hike on the penny ice shelf! Hopefully we will be arriving at our next destination tomorrow afternoon!

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