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North Pole Training Blog 3

It's monday, 20:30h in Bühlerzell, Germany. Time for soccer practice. But for me not a normal training because since I'm back from the selection camp in Switzerland, I'm trying to get as fit as posible for the expedition which is ahead of us.

This means jogging, biking, hiking – and: pulling a sledge! By chance I've found the best training equipement ever. It is a little sledge on which you can put as much weight you want. While my mates are training for the next soccer match, I'm running and pulling my sledge. That's exactly why they call me crazy. But no, I'm not crazy, I'm just getting fit for the North Pole Expedition!

The people I meet while hiking with a 15kg backpack also stare at me. For them it must be strange to meet somebody who's just on a walk with her dog, but carries a big trekking bagpack. They might also think: „Is this girl crazy?“  And again: No I'm not.

Coming into a shop and asking for a downjacket when we have temperatures of about 20°C also causes confused looks by the venders. They ask me why I need a downjacket when summer starts in Germany. I can see it – they think I'm crazy. But when I tell them that I'm going on an expedition to the arctic they are always impressed and ready to help me. But nevertheless I have some difficulties to get winter equipment such as expedition boots or down clothes. Everywhere I ask for it people think I'm crazy. But I'm not.

„WHAT?! In the arctic there are temperatures of -25°C? Why for God's sake are you doing this? You must be totally crazy!“, that's how people sometimes react when they here about my adventure. But I'm just thinking: „No, I'm not crazy, I'm adventurous, curious and want to see everything with my own eyes. For me people are crazy who rather stay at home and watch movies about nature than exploring it on their own.

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