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Next YEPs Announced

The next generation of Young Explorers has now been announced! The Pangaea jury pain-stakingly sieved through the hundreds of applications that were sent to the offices in Switzerland. Youths for all corners of the world, covering each of the six continents, have now been chosen to attend the selection camp for the next expedition to join Mike Horn in the Himalayas which will take place in June.

In the beginning of May,16 youths will join the Mike Horn Team in Switzerland for 10 days. Their names have now been announced;

Robyn Lighton, 17 yrs, South Africa / Kai Pryce-Fitchen, 16yrs, South Africa / Shruti Neelakantan,19yrs, India / Leonard Chua Jun Yi, 17yrs, Singapore / Basil Tan She Jeeng , 20yrs, Singapore / Jye Kluske, 19yrs, Australia / Alexander Groos, 20yrs, Germany / Daniel Hübner, 20yrs, Germany / Iga SobaÅ„ska, 18yrs, Poland / Tiziana Gees, 19yrs, Switzerland / Lauren Morrell, 15yrs, USA / Erica Wineland-Thomson, 20yrs, USA / Elisa Rodrigues Alves, 16yrs, Brazil / Hugo Clément, 17yrs, France / François Poisbeau, 20yrs, France / Ashwini Menon, 19yrs, Malaysia.

We congratulate these candidates on their successful applications and are very much looking forward to meeting them soon in Château-d'Oex, Switzerland where they will undergo and interesting ten days of fun, activitiy and discovery.

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