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Mike and Kobi return to Islamabad

Unfortunately weather was not in Mike and Kobi's favour and they have decided not to make an attempt to summit K2.

Since reaching the summit of Broad Peak the two friends decided to head quickly to the basecamp of K2 and be ready to summit if the weather was obliging. It wasn't and the weather conditions gradually declined with very strong winds and heavy snow falls passing the region over the last few days.

After two months in the Himalayas Mike and Kobi decided that it was time to return back to civilistation, Kobi to Switzerland and Mike to Singapore to join his crew on Pangaea where he can prepare the next steps of the Pangaea Expedition.

Mike ans Kobi are a little disappointed not to make one summit attempt on the mighty K2 but they are happy to have been the first climbers to have summited Broad Peak in 2010.

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