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Magnetic North Pole Exp – Day 14

Mike and the team are still on the ice somewhere between Resolute and the Magnetic North Pole. The weather has turned bad and will remain so for the next few days so their is little chance of a pick up on the ice.

A little restless after spending the last four days in the tents, the team have decided to move on and continue their journey north, direction the Magnetic North Pole.

After a big storm last night there is plenty of fresh snow. Progress will be difficult but the team are impatient to move. The Magnetic North Pole may still be a possibility for the few that are left, depending on time and weather condtions.

Meanwhile back in Resolute 5 YEPs and cameraman, Javier are safely back at the lodge. They are keeping themselves busy with meetings with the local folk, the forestry department and local school. We can happpily report that in the meantime Saskia eyes are improving. We are looking forward to receiving their blogs and photos.




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