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Magnetic North Pole Camp – Day 7

Sliding on ice, the funfest thing to do. We think we’re going to have a relaxing evening editing videos and chilling out, but then Luke happens to come up with a brilliant idea. We guess the morning exercise wasn’t enough for him. Out the door we run with our harnesses hanging over our necks and running shoes beating the beautiful brick pavement of Chateau d’Oex.

Greeted by the last remnants of a light winter snow, we split into two groups. Hopes of a gentle abseil or paraglide are dashed by the presence of four gigantic gorgeous truck tyres. Martin, jumping out of his comfy ute, shouts “this is your preparation for the 150kg North Pole sledges!” we reply quietly with looks of nervous anticipation.

We line up in two teams, pumped with adrenaline constrained by our tight harnesses. Martin’s hand drops, the ropes snaps taunt, whiplash around our hips, we heave the tyres behind our sprinting legs. Off we go. Soft snow slows our sliding down the slop. Cheers of our teammates ring in our ears motivate us towards the distant cone. Even with the freezing temperatures our thighs still burn with the exhausting effort. Trying to run with tyres behind you on slushy snow may not seem like the most enjoyable thing to do. But, this only brought us closer together as teams and friends.

These moments of intense activity allow us to reflect on the 7 amazing days we’ve spent together. Watching the presentations from previous Young Explorers in the evening encourages us to open our minds to the possibilities that await us.

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