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Juli presents Pangaea

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to give a talk about the Pangaea Expeditions, my trip, and environmental care for the River Plate in the SUDESTE sailing club.

I talked about my wonderful experience in Switzerland, what the project is about (aiming to motivate the youth present) but also, for everyone who was not in age to participate of an Expedition, I talked about the wonderful environment we ahve in the River Plate, and how sadly, we are not protecting enough.

I am also talking with the club about putting special bins for recycling plastic, a thing that may seem basic but that in my country is almost inexistant. The idea is to introduce this bins into all the sailing clubs I can.

There is a slight chance I am selected to give a talk at a TEDx comference for youth from 16 to 21, which is happening in May 7. I have to do a video telling my ideas/experiences and sent it to the organisators and if I am selected I would be one of the lecturers at the event. Hoping for it!

Greetings, Juli


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