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Himalayan Selection Camp Day 10

Day 9: 11 May, by Daniel & Robs

Today consisted of many awesome activities including building a raft and using it. We ended off the raid with a big 5 hour hike. Everyone was exhausted but continued to be motivated until the very end.

The Gees Yaks arrived in first place, and The Tigers in second place. After an incredible two days, everyone chilled and relaxed for the rest of the day tending to blisters and tired friends:)

We ended off the day with a delish Raclette, a tradional Swiss meal of cheese and potato before falling into bed.  

After an amazing two day journey, our friendship grew stronger than ever before making everyone very sad to know that we’d be leaving each other tomorrow.

Despite being a very tough two days, the raid will always be remembered as the day that every single one of us pushed ourselves to beyond our limits.

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