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Himalaya Expedition – Day 19

19.06.2010 Phonecall from Mike "The YEP's and I have parted company now. After doing the summit 'Pangaea Peak', they joined myself and Köbi to the base camp of Broad Peak where they were able to see the K2 Memorial – a touching memorial for all those alpinists who had lost their lives to the mountain. Our last night together with the Young Explorer's was spent in a large dome tent where we chatted about our adventure and shared our emotions and impressions of the last two weeks we had spent together.

Now it is just myself and Köbi who are left here in the high altitudes of the Himalayas.

I heard just now that the Young Explorers have reached Payu today and are once again back in the heat of the lower altitudes. They managed to have cold showers so I'm sure they must be feeling great. They are on track for Askole and Skardu and running to schedule.

Myself and Köbi have just returned to the base camp of Broad Peak. Köbi and I left at 4 am this morning and ascended 2'000m, up and down again in 9 hours. Köbi is an experienced Himalyan alpinist, having already climbed 5 summits above 8'000 meters.

The climb to 7'000m was difficult because of the quantity of deep snow we encountered but we are well acclimatised and are both in top condition physically.

At 7'000meters we set up camp in preparation for the summit attempt. We took up a tent, sleeping mats, food and cooker.

Now we must rest and wait for the correct weather window before attempting the Broad Peak summit of 8'047m.

I'm excited – You should have seen the view at 7'000m today! It was a beautiful day and the scenery spectacular. I hope we'll be so lucky to have the same weather in the next few days.

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