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Himalaya Expedition – Day 13

13th of June – Day 13 Mike writes…

We have walked for 9 days to be at this point. Tonight we will make our first attempt to summit the unnamed peak at just above 6000m. I can feel the tension building up amongst the YEP’s. What we have spoken about for so long now will soon be a reality.

After setting up our 3 man Quechua tents at the foot of the mountain we had a short rest to adapt to the altitude. We had time to boil some water and test our new light weight Optimus stoves for the climb. After having some tomato soup we packed our Petzl climbing gear in the tent and started our trek back to Ali Camp. It was only a 4km walk but it took us over 2 hours because of the altitude. All the YEP’s are doing well. Some have light headaches, which is normal due to the altitude and discomfort due to the heavy climbing shoes and backpacks.

The afternoon was used to download some data for the Mayo clinic, eat and sleep.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors on behalf of the young Explorers who made it all possible for us to be here it has been a life changing experience for all of us.

I had contact with Alexis and Basil at Concordia and they have decided not to come up to basecamp but to wait for our return the day after tomorrow. All is well with them and they are enjoying the view of K2 and true Pakistan hospitality.

Sorry for the short update but I need some sleep before we wake up at midnight to do our summit push.
Please enjoy your warm and comfortable beds tonight while we make our way to the summit and down in the next 24 hours.

Best Regards,

Mike Horn.



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