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Himalaya Expedition – Day 10

Last night we had an interesting discussion in the mess tent about our purpose during this expedition in Pakistan. I had to put all the cards on the table about the main objective of the Pangaea project with the three main pillars explore learn an act. After pushing ourselves so hard to reach Concordia the YEP's had to be reminded that there was work to be done and not only walking and climbing.

Leaving Gora2 at 7am in perfect weather we soon noticed the altitude of about 4000m by the amount of snow that fell last winter, we could walk on a hard crust until about 09:00 and soon after that the sun came out in force and transformed the snow to slush, we all started breaking through the crust knee to hip deep and it slowed us down allot. It was like walking on eggs waiting for them to break.

The terrain was smooth and we slowly gained altitude to 4600m at Concordia. Speaking to the guides and porters that have been coming up here for over 30 years they all said that they have never seen so much snow at Concordia at this time of the year.

All is going well with the team and we have adapted to the altitude in style.  Alexis had some problems adapting to the altitude but after some rest he seems to be Okay. This is what the research we are doing with the Mayo clinic wants to find out! What leads to Altitude sickness? Tomorrow will be a well-deserved rest day before we head up to Ali Camp that will be our Base camp before the climb of the unnamed peak.
I will keep you all informed on our progression as the days go by, stay posted because there will be allot of interesting things happening in thenext couple of days.

Mike Horn




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