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Explore to Restore: Day 5

We woke up aboard Pangaea which was docked outside the Baltimore Aquarium, had a quick breakfast and headed out the door.

We were off to Carriage Hills which is a waterfront community on the Severn River, our goal was to unite a group of local youths and group of international youths to work together, planting a native trees throughout the Carriage Hills community to ‘’restore’’ the waterfront.

We were very fortunate to have the Severn Riverkeeper with us. He explained the important role trees play in Severn eco-system in order to keep the river clean. This is because every time it rains when there are no trees, the valley that runs into the River washes all sediments and creates turbidity in the water, making the river look all brown and muddy. The trees act as filters to slow down the and prevent some sediments from entering the river.

I believe we took a big leap today in making a difference in this community and we hope that other youths will continue to follow through with it and show initiative and leadership just as Lauren Morrell did, in order to make this project happen.

With a good morning of hard-work behind us, we decided to give ourselves some time for a bit of fun so we took out the boat and went tubing and water-skiing. After many great falls and laughs, it was then the realisation hits you that these people sitting across from you in the boat, were brought into your life through this unique organisation called ‘Pangaea’ that connects the world through people just as it connected the world geographically 250 million years ago.

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