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Deception Island

Our destination today was Deception Island. We spent around 7 hours on the sea with strong winds thus confirming the weather forecasts we had received. Our arrival at Deception Island was amazing. This Island is a volcano crater and there is only one small path between the cliffs to enter into the crater. We stopped in Whalers Bay. This name of the bay comes from the Norwegian people who went there to hunt whales.

From the boat we could see some old houses on the shore. As we were very curious to see closer, we put the zodiac into the water and went for a walk on the Island. We could see the wrecked ships on the shores and the left behind whale bones.

As the island comes from a volcano, there are numerous hot water springs on the shore. It was like a treasure hunt finding these hot springs but we finally discovered them because of the steam rising from the sandy shoreline. We didn't have to dig far to reach the hot Water. We recorded the temperature at 48,5 degrees and the decision was made to come back the following morning and take a (very much neede) warm bath.

It was time for us to get back to the boat as the wind was picking up again. While the cook was preparing the dinner, the captain decided to move the boat and anchor it in a more secure place. We crossed the volcano crater of Deception Island and found a protected place where we could stay for the night. All the young explorers were tired after this evening but happy with all they had done and seen until now.

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