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Our nine Young Explorers woke up at 6 am after a good and comfortable night in their hammocks.
It was time now for our adventurers to trek back through the forest and get back to the meeting point. During day time it was of course much easier to follow the right direction and after two hours walking they reached the beach.

Before getting back to Pangaea, they still had to accomplish an important ACT project, a clean-up of the beach! Unfortunately all the beaches we have visited in India are covered in garbage. Trash can be found on the water level along the most deserted islands, clearly showing a sign of disrespect that people  have on the environment.. Once the beach was clean, our Young Explorers came back to Pangaea for a nice breakfast with pancakes, cereals, bread and fruits. We left Inglis Island to head up north following the east coast of the Island. At the northern tip of Inglis Island we had a brief stop on an  amazing beach with white sand, clear water and palm trees. Dmitry, our photographer, could take some amazing photos of the nine Young Explorers with Pangaea in the background.

We sailed further north to reach Outram Island and entered in the narrow strait in between Outram and Henry Lawrence Island. We anchored just west of the southern tip of Outram in a sheltered spot. Our plan was to go for a beautiful dive and discover some more corals and marine life. Martin went for a short scouting but quickly realized that lots of small jellyfish would make our dive very unpleasant!

As we were already anchored, we decided to take the most of this time to give a quick clean-up on the stern of Pangaea. Some Young Explorers joined the team with brushes and started to scrub the deck and remove the sand. As we wanted to give the opportunity to our Young Explorers to dive once again before the sunset, we lifted anchor and sailed another 4 Nm to reach South Button Island. It's a tiny island surrounded by amazing corals and an impressive variety of fish. We anchored before sunset and could enjoy a 45 minute dive in 5 to 10 meters deep water. Back on the boat for a fish soup prepared by Dmitry and Elena, followed by sushi prepared by Cathy. What a treat!

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