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Day 16 Trek to the South Pole

Mike is still hauling his sled at every step, so to advance 24kms under these conditions is quite remarkable.

With yesterday's bad visibility also came the fresh snow so Mike thinks this may slow him down a little today.

"I'm now at around 1'000 meters in altitude" says Mike. "The terrain is slowly leveling out but I guess it would be until another week before the sled will actually start sliding behind me. Today the sky has cleared again so I will be able to advance a little further. I've just had my porridge for breakfast and am ready to move. I'm eating well, feel satisfied and enjoying the ice dried food (Trek'N Eat) that has been kindly supplied to me by Katadyn."

Mike has posted some more photos for us today. The third photo is a picture of an Antarctic white-out!!!

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