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Day 11 Trek to the South Pole

Mike is still walking with crampons and this has lasted a lot longer than he expected. He hopes that in the next few days he can put on his skis.

"My sled is still very heavy and the terrain is irregular. It's impossible for me to put my skis on as I would only slip backwards. It beginning to cloud over. A new weather front is arriving. I hope the winds won't be too voilent. The morning when I get out of my tent, it's cold, but it's a dry cold, quite different to that of the North Pole. Here you can take your gloves off for a few seconds but in the North Pole that is unimaginable!"

Mike has now spent 10 days on the ice and is satisfied with the performance of his equipment. His position when he rang was 81°18.4 S, 80°36.4’W.

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