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Crozet Island

One of 20 small, mountainous islands of French territory situated South in the Indian Ocean (S 46°25' E 05° 152'). The island is uninhabited except for a scientific base and it's staff.

Mike and his crew received a very warm greeting from the personnel at Crozet Island. They also welcomed the opportunity to come to shore and discover this barren rocky island, home of penguins, seals, King Penguins and other amazing wildlife.

The stop-over came at an appropriate time. Gales where picking up and it was the perfect opportunity to shelter and rest for two days before tackling the open ocean again.

Pangaea will leave Crozet today and is expected to arrive at the Kerguelen Islands in three days time. After that, the long haul to New Zealand and the exploration of new regions will begin.

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