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Borneo Selection Camp: Day 11

Hannes Van Eynde, 17, Belgium
All good things come to an end…

And unfortunately today will be the end for us on this amazing selection camp ! However our engagement for the project has only just started. We’re part of the YEP-family now !
Of course a selection camp also has a selection… A scary, but exciting moment ! And unfortunately a selection has people who pass and people who don’t ! Well I didn’t 😀 !

It was an extremely sad moment, but we knew from the beginning that only 8 of us could make it to Indonesia. And that’s life . Everyone were amazing candidates and it must have been a really tough desision for the Mike Horn Team to disappoint 7 of us ! But Eugenie, Kerstin, Michelle, Simon, Dongkyun, Rodrigo, Garrett and Daniel, you guys really deserve to go !

For all of us, our YEP adventure is only just getting started. And I really want to thank the Mike Horn team for everything they did for us ! We needed their support, but now it’s our turn to support them in everything we do and to spread the message of Mike Horn and his Pangaea Project !

And for the YEP’ers, you guys are my family now ! We have so much in common and yet we are so different, I’m going to miss you guys … every single one of you !

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