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Borneo ACT Project – Day 9

Thinking back the past 9 days we have had the time of our lives…

We are walking along our beach no boats, no noise, no television, no pollution. The sun is shining, life is great and the friends that I have made will be remembered for the rest of my life. Shampoo parties every night then sleeping on the deck, what an awesome time!!! “Becci, Becci!!!! Wake up! It started raining! You’re totally wet!” As I wake up I see all the Young Explorers busy running inside.

As soon as the sun rose we went back to our island to finish monitoring. Unfortunately during the night due to the prevailing wind another 5 bags of rubbish washed up on the island.

While finishing up mapping the coastline, jetties and infrastructure a sudden rainstorm has the Yeps seeking shelter, some of us even had interesting conversations with the current inhabitance.

Without having a rest we came back on Pangaea to hoist the sails and set our course to Lankayan. While learning to sail we interviewed Mike about his amazing experiences, his passions and his ability to motivate people. We also used the time to assess the data and to paint the first map of Billean Island and decide which steps have to be taken to make this project to a successful and sustainable.

After dropping the anchor we quickly jumped into our diving gear and went while the sun was setting. As we arrived in 23meters depth in the total darkness our torch beams elluminated a huge shipwreck in front of us. It was for all of us our deepest, first wreck night dive ever! What an unforgettable, awesome experience!

Non of us wanted to go to bed cause that would mean that another day would be over but we were all happy about what we have reached today and fell asleep with a smile on our faces, exept of Leonard, who slept again with eyes open.


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