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Baltica Project Update

Blog written by Zuzanna;
DO NOT EVER GO ON A LAKE WITH A RAFT. Rafts are made to float with the stream of the river, they're not made to go neither against strong winds nor the current. Last days were extremely exhausting for the Baltica crew. First we had to stay longer in PÅ‚ock, as the wind was s strong that it would push us back to Warsaw.

With the delay of 2 days we started our journey of crossing the lake. First 10km weren't difficult because the current was helping us to move, but later on, as soon as we got to the lake, we were stuck in and would have to row constantly to make any move. At some point the wind became so strong that we couldn't move any longer.

But thanks to very helpful and supportive locals we covered another kilometres this day (they pulled us with an engine boat), and although the distance wasn't big, it helped us to regain strenght. The same night, we didn't go to sleep at all, but rowed until the break of dawn. We were extremely happy when finally we arrived at the end of the lake and crossed the dam.

The rest of the journey went smoothly and now we're in Toruń, enjoying ourselves in this beautiful city!

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