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Baltica Project hits the news!

The Baltica Project is an initiative of Polish Young Explorers that incorporates environmental education and action leading to preserving a unique region with adventure – crossing over the last of the European great lowland rivers, which at least partially retained its natural character: the Vistula river.

During several weeks a group of Young Explorers will travel on a raft made ​​of PET bottles and other recyclable materials. The total lenght of the route is 861km between Krakow and the Baltic Sea. On the way, the participants of the project will document the beauty of the valley of the Vistula river, carry out measurements on water purity, share their newly acquired knowledge with all encountered people who would only show interest. We planned various activities along the river: clean-ups, promotion of healthy lifestyle, presentations about the expedition and the importance of water in human life.

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