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Amazon Expedition – Day 16

This morning, I was really surprised to wake up in Manaus. I was not expecting the boat Pangaea to travel all this distance in the night. We took advantage of being in Manaus by shopping for more supplies. It was exciting to come back to this city and to buy our food as local people do. We spent several hours in the city before returning to the boat.

In the boat, we watched the two videos we edited yesterday, to try to make one whole video to describe our notions of traveling, our interpretations and feelings. We also began working on rap for a music video about our Life on the Pangaea Sailing Boat. We worked on the lyrics and on the rhythm we wanted to sing. We also made some water filters thanks to Katadyn, to distribute them to the local communities.

Then we began sailing from Manaus in the direction of Belem. It was so amazing to come to the crossing point of the Rio Negro and the Amazon. The water from the two different rivers was not mixing and was different colors. The blood color of the Rio Negro and the golden color of the Amazon were forming a curved line separating two parts of the Amazon region. I had never seen such a distinguished line before, made by the power of water. The reason of this difference comes from the difference of speed and density between the two rivers.

Moreover, when we passed this line, Mike wanted us to jump in the rivers to see, feel, smell, and touch the different types of water. This experience was incredible because the Rio Negro was much more warm, maybe due to its blood color, compared to the Amazon.

The landscape also changed a lot as we were crossing the Amazon. There were less trees but more relief. I prefer this part of the Amazon region because the landscape changes more frequently. The weather was so amazing and being in a boat allows us to see every cloud, every star and all the landscape around us. It gives us a wide-open view of all our surroundings.

Furthermore, we had a gorgeous evening during the sunset. The colors of the sky were so bright, like a painting with red, pink, orange and blue touches. Everybody was taking pictures from the boat in all angles to try to capture these wonderful colors.

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