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Akira speaks to Malaysian Youths

One thousand Chinese-Malaysian kids slowly but surely fill the assembly hall at Tsung Tsing Secondary School in Kota Kinabalu at 8:15AM.

It was magical how the lively crowd went silent as I reached out for the microphone. I truly had the feeling that virtually every single one of those students was actually listening to what I was saying. It was great to have the opportunity to speak to such a massive audience and share my knowledge about ocean conservation. I was particularly glad to be able to approach them regarding shark conservation as they are the very ones that consume the infamous shark fin soup.

One could make out marveled faces as they saw pictures of an intact coral reef and shocked faces as they were confronted with a compilation of photographs of industrial shark finning. I profoundly hope to have been able to plant a seed in their minds that will grow to be environmentally conscious and caring for our oceans.

It's up to us, to not repeat the mistakes of our predecessors and to change our behavior. – Make the connection!

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