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A Whirlwind of Excitement

Blog written by Shruthi VIJAYAKUMAR (20, New Zealand)

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement. I just haven’t been able to stop smiling, as day after day passes and the expedition draws closer and closer.

I began my 5th Semester of University this week, feeling a little silly. You know why? I’ve been wearing my semi-new hiking boots to class, in the middle of our summer. Yeap- I’ve been getting a little sweaty in them, a couple of comments about my ‘interesting’ fashion sense, but a week of trudging round in them has hopefully worn them in and removed blister potential!

The week’s been a little crazy…I’ve begun studying ahead for tests, getting ahead on content and meeting my lecturers and tutors to get extensions on assignments. In between all the school work, I took a trip to the travel doctors. Anyone who knows me is probably aware that I am not at all a fan of needles, so 4 injections, all straight into the left arm was a little worrying! Fortunately they all went well and I had a most pleasant surprise to learn that my travel doctor has actually led several expeditions himself to the Amazon. He has even explored the region with Kiwi Legend, Sir Peter Blake and hearing his stories just mounted my excitement to greater heights!

I also managed to buy myself a sweet new Canon camera. It’s been great learning how to use the functions. I am still yet to discover what half the buttons do and most of the letters mean, but I’m just waiting to start exploring the wild and get snapping away.

I cannot think of anyone in the world (except for maybe the locals) that knows the Amazon region as well as Mike Horn does. The fact that we’ll begin our journey with him in just a few days is such an honour and blessing. Thank you to the team for all your effort, hard work and this incredible opportunity!

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