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Calm has set in once again and an opportunity to wish all our readers BEST WISHES FOR 2010.

After a diving tour around the Northern coast of Phuket, Mike, the Pangaea crew and some members of his family headed back to Phuket for the New Year celebrations. Avoiding the crowds onshore, the team decided to celebrate in true Thai style while observing the spectacular array of fireworks from Pangaea, situated 100 meters off Patong Beach.

The Thai food went down a treat with a bottle of Mumm Champagne and as tradition has it, we lit the lantern (the 'Happy' or 'Good Luck' lantern) to make all our wishes come true in 2010.

Our wishes are many and do not differ much to our dreams and aspirations of 2009. We wish to have a great continuation of the Pangaea Project. In 2009 we saw the Pangaea Project develop from a dream into a recognised global action project with youths and followers supporting us from all around the world. We thank our friends, partners and supporters for their continued support and enthusiasm and together we will continue to reach out to more and more people, enlightening youths from around the world about the beauty of Nature and acting towards bettering the future of our planet.

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