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13 days and 6831 miles later

Since the minute I received the e-mail from Michael declaring my successful application and acceptance into the 2012 Mike Horn Selection Camp for the Amazon Expedition, I have been on the edge of my seat thinking about the adventures and opportunities that lie ahead. With the bombardment of e-mails from Michael, sent to prepare me for this great journey, I have had little time for anything else but ready myself physically and mentally, put together my group project along with other work for the Selection Camp.

I still cannot believe I am actually going. My friends in Connecticut are amazed as well. I have also been interviewed for local websites and newspapers, made the front page of my high school newspaper 'The Rampage" and have a radio interview scheduled for January 21st! I have yet to start to pack my bags, but that time is just around the corner.

Unfortunately,  the camp takes place during my mid term exams in school, but my teachers are willing to work around this and I will be taking them prior to my departure on the 29th.

I cannot wait to meet Mike Horn, the staff and the other Young Explorers! I’ll see you all in only a few short weeks!

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