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Mike Horn looks back at four years of Pangaea

Monaco, 13th of December 2012: After four years the Pangaea Expedition, led by Mike Horn, the South African/Swiss Eco Explorer, will come to an end. “When we first set sail with the PANGAEA, we couldn’t have envisioned where this journey would take us and the level of success the project would enjoy. For me, Pangaea was more than just an expedition. The project held a very special meaning. On our journey to some of the earth’s most remote locations, the Young Explorers and I experienced not only the natural beauty of our planet, but also the impact human intervention has on our highly sensitive ecosystem”, says Horn.

With his crew and Young Explorers, 15 to 20 year-old youths from all over the world, Mike Horn explored all the earth’s continents and travelled across the planet’s oceans with the PANGAEA expedition sailing vessel. All told, close to 100 Young Explorers accompanied him to 12 hot spots around the world where they implemented ecological and social projects – following the motto “explore – learn – act”.
Covering all the natural elements and the seven continents, during three-week segments, the youths analysed environmental problems such as climate change, glacial retreat, deforestation, desertification, water pollution and the human impact on marine life and the ecosystems, while familiarising themselves with the often threatened biodiversity in the most varied regions on our planet. The explorer explains his motivation as follows: “My objective was to show these youths the incredible beauty of nature and its vulnerability. The experience these Young Explorers gained will forever shape the way they treat our planet and its resources.”
The Pangaea Expedition has empowered youths from 40 countries and has resulted in more than 100 follow-up projects that the Young Explorers initiated in their home countries. These so-called ACT projects include conferences and presentations to create public awareness, environmental campaigns such as clean-ups and tree planting, long-term environmental projects engaging in the protection of flora and fauna of both land and marine biodiversity, as well as social community projects such as school renovations, education on health and sanitation and the donation of sports, household items and first-aid kits to third world communities.
Pangaea is a long-term initiative, which has made considerable sustainable impact around the world, but it doesn’t just end there. “This expedition may well have come to an end but it’s just the beginning of a bigger and brighter picture. The Pangaea Expedition has left its mark in the hearts and minds of hundreds of youths who are making a real difference. These World Ambassadors will continue to grow from strength to strength and we must use their passion and boundless energy and aid the plight towards the protection of our planet. Human survival is in the hands of the younger generation and the decisions they will make in the future. Together with the support of motivated partners I believe we have the key to succeed and pave the way towards making our planet a better place for the future generations.” Mike Horn

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