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Monaco finish !

Never in my life I will forget the feeling of sailing into Monaco harbour on board Pangaea surrounded by the best friends in the whole entire world!

After a four years expedition around the world Mike sailed Pangaea into the harbour where everything had started. On the boat were fifty young explorers from all around the world to celebrate the end of this incredibly successful project.

The moment when all the other yachts started honking was so emotional that it caused goose bumps all over and even made some of the YEPs cry.

At Monaco Yacht Club we were awaited by journalists from all over the world who were anxiously waiting for Pangaea to arrive.

We even had the big honour to meet Prince Albert II of Monaco who welcomed Mike and the boat after this great accomplishment of four years of exploring and showing us the beauty of Earth.

After the young explorers had shared their personal experiences with students of the Prince Albert Foundation the day before it was now time for Mike to tell the press about the last four years of exploring, learning and acting.

The formal dinner in the event was definitely the highlight of this incredible final in Monaco.
Together with the Horn family, sponsors and friends the Yeps spent an amazing night in Monte Carlo, dancing, singing and celebrating.

This event was just as mindblowing as any other event during the last four years and definitely worth the travel even though some young explorers came from overseas to show Mike their gratitude and respect.

And that's what we are, thankful for all we got and everything we experienced through Pangaea.

This project was not only about the expeditions but more about the people we got to know: inspirational personalities like Mike and his whole team, important people from the sponsor companies and our new best friends.

We grew together as a big international family and I can't imagine what my life would look like without Pangaea. This project turned my life upside down and showed me the right path to walk on in order to change the world.

On behalf of all the young explores I'd like to thank Mike, his team, the sponsors and everybody who was involved in the PANGAEA Young Explorers Program for their inspiration, motivation, organisation, experience, trust, for their believe in us, their friendship, support and last but not least all the fun times we've spent together!

You've all changed our lifes completely and now it's our turn to change the world!

"Now we've gone and seen the world
and we know that it's an Earth worth saving.
So now let's just go,
Go out and take control!

Pangaea is the one thing we can't get enough of
So we'll tell you something
This could be love!

Because we've had the time of our lives
And we owe it all to you! "

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