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19 days to go!

Blog written by Anna KONOBRODZKA

Only 19 days to go!

I have to admit, I love coincidences! Just yesterday, during my English classes at school, I had to work on a text where a main character was a patient at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Isn’t it funny that in 3 weeks I will be examined just by them?! And that’s not even the best part. While revising reported speech the other day, it was my turn to report the sentence: “Yes, you can join the expedition” He said to her. INSANE! So now you probably can imagine how excited I am to be soon leaving for Switzerland!

Though, in between those nice moments, I have lots to work on! Running, stretching, push-ups, sit-ups, knee bands, working on a project that can be held during expedition, reading 3 books simultaneously about Amazon Rainforest, buying all the gear we need for the Selection Camp, replying to all the emails Michael is sending us, contacting media, giving interviews, creating a page about PANGAEA on the website of my school and getting ready for school everyday. Well, sometimes I have to stand on my head to do all of the above! And I indeed do so!

Standing in this upside down position can really do the trick. I feel that I am getting stronger every day. I manage to complete every task set for a day. Moreover, tomorrow I am having my next interview, this time for local newspaper. Keep your fingers crossed for the reporter so he could understand something out of my crazy talking about the upcoming Selection Camp!!

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