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Makalu by night Makalu by night

Back to camp 2

Makalu by night
Makalu at night

The waiting continues…

Unfortunately the weather has only got worse. There has been extremely strong winds in altitude with gusts of up to 160km/hr on the summit.

Fred and Mike have been told there may be a good weather window opening up in one weeks time. They are more ready than ever to attempt the summit but for now must be patient. Because of the very strong winds they are worried that their equipment that they initially placed at camp 2 may have blown away.  Tomorrow they will climb to camp 2 and check if their equipment is still there.

If all goes as planned the weather window will open up around the 16th of May.

Steep slopes on makalu Steep slopes on makalu

Makalu – our last acclimatisation climb

Steep slopes on Makalu
Steeper and Steeper!

We had the summit just above our heads but strong winds and snow made us turn back.

Mike and Fred climbed to 7’700m and spent a very cold evening in the tent with freezing temperatures and extremely strong winds.

On the descent they passed sherpas who were coming up, fixing lines for other climbers – they assume the overload from climbers who have been forced away from this years climbing season on Everest.

Mike and Fred are now back at Advanced Base Camp at 5’700m where they will have a much deserved rest. Tomorrow they will head down to base camp at 4’800m where they will wait for the bad weather to pass.

We feel great, strong and well acclimatised.  As soon as we get the next good weather window  we’ll go for the summit!



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