Knife MIKE HORN Limited Edition – Wood


Les couteaux sont actuellement en rupture de stock. Vous pouvez d’hors et déjà commander votre couteau mais l’envoi ne se fera pas avant le 11 janvier 2021. Merci de votre compréhension 🙂 

The knives are currently out of stock. You can already order your knife but the shipment will not be done before January 11, 2021. Thank you for your understanding 🙂



Get equipped with the new Mike Horn Limited Edition Knife and become a part of the history

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SH06, Single hand 13 functions :

– Safety lock

– Blade for one hand, 75 mm

– Wood Saw with 31 teeth, 77 mm

– Punch / reamer awl with sewing eye – Bottle opener with flat head screwdriver No. 3 & wire bender

– Can opener with flat head screwdriver No. 1

– Phillips screwdriver No. 1-3 – Tweezers, 47 mm – Ring



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