The Return of Life in the Arctic Circle

After returning from a grueling 87 days in the Arctic winter, Mike Horn is now ready to go back to witness the return of life in the Arctic Circle.

He traveled to every corner and remote place of the earth, braved extreme conditions and seen the world change before his eyes, but the explorer has always had a special fascination for the Arctic.

He can’t resist the attraction of this region of the world. This time however, Mike wants to return not only to explore more of the its remote territories but to contribute to

a greater cause..


Whales are the best indicators of the health of our oceans.

The aim of this expedition is to collect data on whales’ stress levels in a world post-covid and compare with existing data.

The current biological data of whales’ stress levels has been measured by scientists in a world pre-covid. While the stress levels are high, they are the “norm” for whales. Now that the world finds itself in a situation it has never experienced before, the aftermath of a global pandemic, it is expected that the stress levels of whales are directly affected by the positive impact of the lack of commercial activity in our oceans.

July and August is the best time for whale spotting around Greenland and Svalbard, the chances beluga, narwhales, blue whales and orcas are very high during that period.

Onboard Pangaea Mike and his crew will be helping a scientist collect data with a “snotbot”, a custom-built drone which flies through the blow of whales to collect valuable biological information. This information contains DNA, stress, pregnancy hormones, microbiomes and potentially many other biological indications to the animal’s health. This technique is non-intrusive and safer for the animals.

The goal of this project is to have enough data to establish natural reserves where whales are free to reproduce, feed without stress, nourish their offsprings and have a comfort zone for humans to be able to live in harmony with nature because they determine our future

more info about the project : www.whales.org


A few select creators chosen for their content quality content will embark on the journey alongside Mike to learn from the greatest-modern day explorer and document the adventure.

Youtubers and Instagram influencers will be invited to live a one-in-a-lifetime experience to a corner of the world that is seldomly visited, rarely documented and changing rapidly.

The content generated from this trip by the talented creators will give the audience the opportunity to witness the adventure, the data collection, but also to see what goes on “behind the scenes” and the preparation of an adventure.

More importantly they will be able to share the insights, knowledge, and experiences of the greatest modern-day explorer in Greenland being the perfect backdrop for the perfect shot.


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