North Pole Crossing

Episode 1 : The Pick Up

As Mike and Borge were reaching the last days of their #NorthPoleCrossing expedition, Lance, a Norwegian ice-going vessel, set out from Norway to pick them up. Lance was organised as an alternative to Mike’s sailing vessel Pangaea. Given its small size, Pangaea wouldn’t have succeeded to sail far enough up north to meet the two explorers. The plan was the following: Lance would navigate its way as far up north to meet Mike and Borge on the ice. Onboard the ship, Aleksander Gamme and Bengt Rotmo (two Norwegian adventurers), were equipped to disembark Lance. This video shot and edited by Etienne Claret, with the help of Charles Audier, recaps the first part of Lance’s journey from Longyearbyen (Norway) into the Arctic Ocean. It sheds light on the challenges faced when navigating through ice and in complete darkness.


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Etienne Claret