Swiss South African professional explorer and adventurer

Mike Horn is acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest modern day adventurer-explorers. He has undertaken exceptional feats of endurance, determination and courage, which have extended the boundaries of human achievement.


Since 1997, Mike has accomplished a series of world-first and groundbreaking expeditions.


Mike shares his experience and knowledge to audiences through both public and private conferences.

Survival Expert

Mike is no stranger to survival! Today, his unique set of survival skills are passed on in numerous TV shows.


Mike uses his experiences to motivate professional sportsmen and other people involved in challenging work.

"Because I'm still alive, I have to try to go back and finish this K2, a dream I've had for a very long time"

- Mike Horn


“If you worry, you die. If you don’t worry, you also die. So why worry?”


“The biggest untapped source of energy today is our youth.”

Latest Adventures Videos

  1. Amazon

    In April 1997, Mike launched his first big expedition: the six-month solo traverse of the South American continent. He left on foot from the Pacific Ocean and climbed to the source of the Amazon River high in the Peruvian Andes. From there he descended the 7,000 km of the Amazon River by hydrospeed, until he reached the Atlantic Ocean.

  2. Latitude Zero

    Mike gained world fame in 2001 after completing a solo journey around the equator without motorized transport. He left from Gabon in 1999 westwards and crossed oceans and continents by foot, boat, bike, kayak until he reached his point of departure 18 months later.

  3. Arktos

    In 2002, Mike set off on his next big solo adventure: the circumnavigation of the world via the Arctic Circle. It was a solitary voyage of two years and three months without motorized transport (boat, kayak, ski kite and on foot) on 20,000 kilometers odyssey. Mike left North Cape in Norway and went through Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Bering Strait and Russian Siberia before he reached North Cape.

  4. North Pole by Night

    In a world-first, Mike set off on a 60-day voyage on skis without dogs or motorized transportation during the Arctic night with Norwegian explorer Borge Ousland in 2006. From February to March they dragged pulkas from Cape Artichesky in Russia to the North Pole. For two months the pair walked in total darkness, and often on paper-thin ice.

  5. Pangaea

    In 2008, Mike started the Pangaea expedition for which him and his team launched the Young Explorers Program (YEP). On this 4-year journey around the globe, over 100 Young Explorers were selected to join Mike on his sailing vessel Pangaea to explore the world and implement social and environmental projects along the way – following the motto “explore – learn – act”.

    young explorers visited havelock on the south andaman island.Martin
  6. Pole2Pole

    In May 2016, Mike embarked on a three-year circumnavigation of the globe via the South and North Poles including ocean crossings and overland expeditions. In November 2016, Mike sailed from Cape Town to Antarctica where he became the first person to cross the Antarctic continent at its largest via the South Pole and in record timing.