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Digital conference ” Pangaea : Explore – Learn – Act” (FR)

In 2008, Mike Horn pioneered a participatory approach by taking more than 200 young people to the other side of the world for an ecological awakening.

The Pangaea Expedition and the Young Explorers Program (YEP) were born from one of Mike’s dearest dreams: to share the taste of adventure and the beauty of the world with the younger generation. The goal? To educate and train young ambassadors to help protect the future of the planet.

Although this ambitious 4-year project is one of Mike’s greatest efforts to contribute to the well-being of the planet, he rarely speaks about it in public. Mike Horn’s Pangaea Lecture is the perfect opportunity to learn more about this groundbreaking project, which at the time was considered the largest environmental education program in the world!

In this talk, presented in the form of a discussion with his daughter, Mike goes back in time to tell the story of the 12 expeditions that were part of the Young Explorer Club program.

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