Month: November 2013

Pangaea arrives in Rio

After a short stop-over in Salvador, MIke and his crew sail Pangaea to Rio de Janeiro where they hold a few events for Pangaea's insurance partner Generali Brasil Seguros.

Pangaea continues south along the Brasilian east coast

It was a rough trip from Paramaribo through to Fortaleza. Pangaea's crew had to deal with very stong head-on winds, large swells and a strong counter current. With Pangaea's speed drastically reduced she is now a few days behind schedule. We hope she will regain ground as she sails around the north eastern point of Brasil and conditions start improving again. Pangaea leaves Fortaleza today.

Young Explorer speaks at TEDx Youth Auckland

Young Explorer Shruthi Vijayakumar from Auckland, New Zealand recently had the opportunity to speak at [email protected] Shruti spoke about her recent project, The Plastic Bottle Kayak Expedition, an exciting rafting trip engaging New Zealand youth to speak up about the fragility of the ecosystems. The youths travelled 100kms on rafts made of trash.

To view her speech click here

Pangaea arrives in Paramaribo

Pangaea arrives in Paramaribo, Suriname, on the North Eastern coast of South America, after 5 days of sailing from Antigua. Mike and his crew made it in very good time concidering the head on winds in the later part of the journey and a short stop-over in Guadalupe to pick up a new crew member.

Time to move south again

Mike and his crew had an amazing stop-over in Antigua. They passed their Yacht Masters course after a rigorous week of training and two days of exams. Just another qualification that will enable Mike to increase his knowledge and experience of the oceans.

With the formalities over, Mike and Mathieu will leave Antigua this evening and pick up an additional crew member in Guadlope. They will then continue the long haul to Brazil , a trip that they expect will take two weeks.

Mike is in a constant state of travel and adventure , so keep up to date on all his expeditions !