Month: July 2012

Geberit School Project South Africa – DAY 13

About 60 kids from the school went on the Maitland’s dune excursion. It was a bright and sunny winter’s day on the beach with almost no wind. Our guides from the municipality were very knowledgeable and the students had a great time.

The guides split the kids up in two groups and they had to find and identify the different species of plants and animals that occur in the different zones on the beach. The kids were quick to find the species and with the help of the guides all the animals were identified.

With a Southern Right Whale playing just behind the waves the kids waved goodbye to the beach and made their way back to the school.

YEP 12 Africa Expedition – Day 16

Blog written by Seb & Anika

We sailed through the night and arrived early this morning just outside of Cape Town where we picked up several celebrities/friends of the PANGAEA project. After a brief introduction and a great breakfast of croissants we hoisted and set sails heading straight home to Cape Town. We arrived to a fantastic and extremely jubilant crowd of ex-young explorers, journalists from all over the world and of course the faithful sponsor representatives.

After a short press conference type event we invited everyone on board PANGAEA for a sail. There was a great turn out and we possibly had more people onboard than ever before. Hoping to impress Mike ordered all sails up and off we went; along with the past young explorers we grinded and grinded those sails up! During the sail we had more time to get to further know the other young explorers and the rest of the entourage. We ended the night with a nice, well-deserved dinner on land and we are going to sleep comfortably in the harbour tonight.

Geberit School Project South Africa – DAY 12

It was a sad day for the 20 Fontein kids at Shamwari. It was their last day on the reserve and they all enjoyed the experience very much. We woke up early and after some coffee we drove to the Born Free Foundation centre.

Glen, the guide spoke to the kids about poaching and taught them more about the skulls in the information centre. As Glen grew up close to the school he could relate to the kids and spoke to them in Afrikaans. They were very excited and asked lots of questions.

After the information session we went to look at the leopards that were saved from the Sudan. They were caught by soldiers as cubs and raised as guard cats. The Born Free Foundation saved them and brought the leopards to Shamwari to live out their days in their natural environment.

We came back to a hearty cooked breakfast, where after we slowly packed up our things and left. With sad hearts the kids said goodbye to a once in a lifetime experience. Us as the young explorers can only hope that they will use these 4 days to make a change in their lives and in the lives of others around them.
We arrived back at the school and jumped straight into planting seeds in the food garden and finishing the murals. Every time we come back to the school the kids get more and more excited and they want to help with everything we do. We worked till very late in the afternoon and I’m sure all the YEP’S are going to have a lekka sleep tonight.

YEP 12 Africa Expedition – Day 15

Tuesday 24th – Tanguy and Ollie

Day 15! Today we were spoiled with the largest breakfast of the trip. Erik, the owner of the Bushman Cave area campsite where we stayed the night, prepared the most fantastic breakfast. We ate toasted sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, and the left over’s from the wonderful south African Braai last night. After the good breakfast we set out for the last 35 km into Clanwilliams. The last kilometres we all completed together as a team, we flew along the roads in a peloton.

As we cycled we all appreciated the stunning landscape and all the vineyards and orange farms along the road. We could also appreciate Seb 4th jump of his bike in the sand. At the finish line we were all pround of what we had achieved, we had learned that much more about our limits and how to exceed what we once thought was too much!

We then packed up the bikes into the back of the trailer to be cleaned and serviced before we hand them out at the Township, and were then hustled into back of the vans for the car ride back to PANGAEA.
We were squeezed into the back of the van for the two hour ride all daydreaming about our favourite foods and trying to catch a little shut eye where we could.

Once we got to the boat Luke handed out the marching orders, and instructed us to scrub the floor, and get the boat ready for the arrival in Cape Town. Once the boat was all clean Mike told us to gather in the conference room. Wenger, one of the main Mike Horn sponsors, gifted us huge present that no other young explorer received before. Each one of us was presented with a brand new Wenger Explorer Watch.

The watch is beyond perfect, and we were all amazed and grateful for the huge gift they gave to us. It really made us realize how important the program is and how big our responsibility is to go out and make a difference in the world we live in. Although we now have the watch we still have to earn the right to wear it within the next 7 days.

YEP 12 Africa Expedition – Day 14

Written by Nadja and Tanguy

The morning started off nice and cold. It was nice finally sleeping in real beds. We had some breakfast, washed our bikes in the river and started biking. Today was supposed to be a bit shorter route, but we decided to extend it from 45 to 67 km. It seemed like we will be lucky and have some nice weather today, sunny and warm. We biked for 25 km going up one of the two hills we had in front of us today. On top of the hill we left our bikes and went hiking for a couple of hours. Our hiking destination was Bushmans Arch on top of one of the hills around. Apparently Bushmans sacrificed animals under that arch hoping to have luck in the hunt. 

We climbed up and near the top we lost the track we were going on so just started climbing random rocks trying to get to the arch. It was a great experience climbing up because the view was just amazing. We were surrounded by a lot of plants and green mountains which was a nice change from desert. After this nice walk with the beautiful landscape we came back to the place were we left our bikes. We had another  40 km to ride before we could reach the camp site and it was already 15 past 3 in the afternoon. We had to hurry up because the darkness is coming very quickly, and then it gets very cold. So we jumped on our bike and started biking with the energy that we had left. We biked amongst beautiful landscape through small villages. Biking on the sand made it more difficult because we couldn’t bike without falling down. Then came a big downhill which wasn’t easy because there were a lot of rocks that could easily make you fall down. After that big downhill came a huge uphill with took us a long time to bike.

Only Nora managed to make the all climb without getting off her bike. Arriving to the top of the mountain we couldn’t even stand on our bike, but we managed to find a little bit of power that we had left to ride the 5 last kilometres to reach the camp site. Finally we made it to the camp and it was already getting dark. We could eat some nice warm 'Trek'n Eat next  to camp fire, before we could sleep in our tents, that were still wet from the last night.


Geberit School Project South Africa – DAY 11

“Nature is the mother that feeds us” (Mike Horn) because of that we should not destroy nature and protect it. This is the message that we want to transmit  to the 20 kids of our EcoCamp here at the Shamwari Game Reserve.

Sadly there is a lot of poaching in South Africa, every day poachers kill Rhinos only for the horn, Lions for their bones, Elephants for their tusks and many other animals for either their skin, horn or meat. It is very important that everyone becomes aware of this situation and so can hopefully stop it. This morning the kids got some lessons about poaching and after that they had to find some signs of poaching in the nature. They all seemed to be very interested and the message anti-poaching definitely came across.

To get the kids closer to nature they had to prepare some presentations about different animals and then had to present their animal during a Game Drive in front of everyone. We could see that some were really passionate to present their animal. At the end we had presentations about lions, zebras, elephants, hippos and other animals.

After 2 and a half days we can see that the Ecocamp is a full success and that the kids start to understand how important it is to protect nature.

YEP 12 Africa Expedition – Day 12

Written by Laura and Nada

Our day started nice and peaceful, comfortable sailing without anybody getting seasick. We had some amazing food on board, Kate and Oliver made pizza for us which we all enjoyed very much. Today was relaxing day – we were packing our stuff and looking forward to the biking trip. Next 4 days we will spend biking and exploring the unique nature of Cedeberg mountains. We were told that it will be an exhausting trip through the sand which will push us to our limits.

Both happy and a bit scared we arrived at our camping spot for the night. After a great dinner by the lake we got our equipment for the next days. Now it’s time for us to get some sleep for exhausting days ahead of us.

Written by Robert

I chose to give my Wenger knife to Ant, our river guide on the rafting section of the expedition. He works for Gravity Adventures based out of Cape Town and has been guiding for eight years. Ant loves the outdoors. He has traveled to 54 countries but keeps returning to this remote area of South Africa because he loves it so much. He picked us up in Pofadder and drove us to his camp on the Orange River. After helping us get set up that evening, we paddled off down the river the following morning. We ran exciting rapids, spotted all kinds of wildlife, and learned tons about the local environment. Throughout our two days on the river, Ant expertly guided us through tough rapids. He ensured we were safe and had fun at every bend. Ant was very grateful to receive the Wenger knife and I’m sure he will put it to great use.

YEP 12 Africa Expedition – Day 13

Blog written by Ollie and Nora

We had an early morning start waking up to a light drizzle, all dressed up in new gear ready fort he expected ride ahead. The normal breakfast then we were quickly assigned our bike and ordered to take a short spin around the camp sight to get a feel of them. As Mike arrived we headed out on the start of a muddy trail.

Thankfully today we had no serious wipe out aside from the almost casualty. Ollie spun out and holding on for dear life managed to regain control in the nick of time. Coming from the desert we were all stunned to see the lush vegetation and rock formations all around us. However due to the conditions of rain and cold weather we ended up pumping our bikes through thick muddy dirt! Our path took us through the valleys of the Cederberg wilderness. Our 60 kilometre cycle left the group widely spread out and even the strongest of us are now suffering from severe cramps all up and down our legs.

The top priority once we arrived in at the camp sight was getting warm and luckily the showers were waiting for us with warm water. In one shower we squeezed in 6 people all hugging each other still with all our cycling gear on, already wet from the rain outside.

Now we sign off and huddle around the fire chomping down on our glorious Trek`n eat.

Pangaea moors in Saldanha

Pangaea moors in Saldanha, as the Young Explorers and Mike head off on their overland cycling trip through the Cederbergs. In just a few days, the team will be reunited once again with the boat and will start their trip to Cape Town.

Mike is in a constant state of travel and adventure , so keep up to date on all his expeditions !